Client Mediation

Nicholas L. Tavaglione has received praises and accolades from both clients and adversaries alike, processing the innate ability to mediate and negotiate fair and reasonable settlements for both parties. Mediation, the least expensive and most painless method adversaries can use to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution of their dispute, is an Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure that is successful 85% of the time. Participation is always voluntary; if not happy with how the mediation is progressing; any party can terminate it at will, without prejudice to its case, free to pursue any of the remedies or forums - arbitration, litigation, etc. - that were available before the mediation commenced.


NL Tavaglione Consulting has a high success rate providing expertise in mediation techniques; they specialize in construction and in preparing of construction claims for negotiation, arbitration and litigation. This enables them the ability to investigate and mediate any of the variety of construction, architectural, engineering and design issues that can be involved in disputes, a role  that is critical to consistent success in construction mediation.


The goal of mediation is to amicably resolve a dispute through the efforts of the parties.  The role of the mediator is to utilize patience, persuasion and people skills to facilitate the dialogue between the parties in order to reach settlement. The mediator does not have the authority to render a decision; the parties are not compelled to reach an agreement. Any party is free to leave the mediation at any time.


The principal in NLTC, Nicholas L. Tavaglione has a friendly, patient demeanor, but is skilled in tough, tension filled negotiations. Nicholas is skilled in altering his approach to fit the unique needs and personalities of a given dispute, using his construction knowledge and people skills to guide and persuade the parties toward a realm of agreement.


NLTC uses a professional, but flexible approach to the process; this method is non-adversarial and provides both parties with numerous benefits over trial in addition to saving time and money. Mediation allows the parties to maintain relationships and offers the greatest opportunity for creative problem solving and dispute resolution.        


Whether the project is comprised of a single family residence neighbor dispute, a multi-family complex where issues are widely varied and spread out, or a Commercial business property NLTC will carry out a comprehensive and systematic review in accordance with the client's needs. Document review is often a critical aspect of what we do. Documents can be the window to recreating a construction project from years past, keeping a current project on track, or understanding the responsibilities of the various parties. Review of documentation often includes analyzing and chronologically organizing construction drawings, contracts, technical papers, testing procedures, invoices, change orders, and correspondence.


Nicholas L. Tavaglione is also experienced in analyzing a variety of specialized agreements involved in the design and construction process, including:

• Competitive Bid Documents

• Requests for Proposals

• Prime Contracts

• Consulting Agreements

• Purchase Orders

• Subcontracts

• Contract Specifications



Providing An Inland Empire Presence

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Comprehensive Services Provided


Knowledge in all aspects of building construction methods and materials 


Extensive experience with litigation support

Providing repair recommendations and contractors qualified to conduct those repairs


Immediate, in-house response, timely reports generated internally for fast, cost-effective reports


Provides clients with a “one stop”, all inclusive source for residential, commercial or industrial consulting needs


• Construction Industry Consulting Services

• Construction Defect Investigation & Analysis


• Forensic Consulting Services

• Building Code Research and Analysis


• Expert Witness Testimony

• Materials Failure Analysis & Investigation


• Construction Claims and Litigation Support

• Moisture Intrusion & Building Envelope Issues


• Negotiation/Mediation Facilitation

• Property Damage Assessment

“Tavaglione was a man of his word, his billing is precise, accurate and he is accountable and

available for questions and feedback anytime the client needs or wants to do so.”


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