Providing An Inland Empire Presence

Dispute Resolution         Client Mediation           Consulting Services

Comprehensive Services Provided


Knowledge in all aspects of building construction methods and materials 


Extensive experience with litigation support

Providing repair recommendations and contractors qualified to conduct those repairs


Immediate, in-house response, timely reports generated internally for fast, cost-effective reports


Provides clients with a “one stop”, all inclusive source for residential, commercial or industrial consulting needs


• Construction Industry Consulting Services

• Construction Defect Investigation & Analysis


• Forensic Consulting Services

• Building Code Research and Analysis


• Expert Witness Testimony

• Materials Failure Analysis & Investigation


• Construction Claims and Litigation Support

• Moisture Intrusion & Building Envelope Issues


• Negotiation/Mediation Facilitation

• Property Damage Assessment

“From the beginning of the project to the end, Nick was accessible, on the job daily and positive about the outcome...” ”Nick was congenial and supportive during the stress of the project.  I highly recommend Mr. Tavaglione for any construction or consulting project of any size.”

- Dr. Carry Tillary

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NL Taviglione Consulting Whether you are an owner, contractor, architect, subcontractor, construction manager or attorney, NL Tavaglione Consulting (NLTC) is equipped to provide the analytical support necessary to defend your side of a damage dispute.


Nicholas L. Tavaglione’s experience and proactive engagement in construction management projects brings real time expertise to construction forensic investigations. Our experience has prepared us to investigate and analyze complex or simple construction defects and problems.


Simplifying the complex. Construction claims are complex and often require subtle distinction of engineering and construction practices. As such, NLTC’s expert witness testimony services distill the relevant facts of the claim to both counsel and jury. Our forensic investigations are comprehensive and exhaustive so that we are able to distinguish the truth from allegations, and our expert witness testimony provides a credible account to the jury so that they are capable of making the most well-informed decision regarding our clients.

Clients say: 

"He is impeccable with his time and ours"

"We feel no qualms about giving Nick our highest recommendation”

“He shows up early and stays until the client needs him to stay…sometimes past his own deadline, if need be”



Nicholas L. Tavaglione

Over 35 years practical experience as an Owner/Operator of a Construction and Development Company, completing diverse commercial, residential and multi-purpose for projects for demanding high profile cllients; over 20 years’ consulting and court room experience assisting clients and attorneys with preparation and defense, serving as an expert witness, and facilitating negotiations between parties, often reaching settlements deemed fair by both sides. Nicholas L. Tavaglione understands all aspects of the construction industry. Providing hands on service, guaranteed to be honest and efficient, helping you save time and money in Dispute Resolution, Expert Witness Testimony, Insurance Claims, Estimates and Construction Consulting.

Construction Defects Consulting Services