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Take care of a construction dispute as soon as possible. Delays cost money on any project. In addition, a construction dispute in one area of a project that can escalate and affect other areas. A construction dispute can also result in a mechanic's lien against the owner's property. The sooner you can begin to negotiate and sort through the facts, the sooner the problem can be resolved without litigation. NL Tavaglione Consulting has the knowledge, resources and expertise to take charge of a dispute and negotiate a fair settlement. Nicholas L. Tavaglione’s vast experience in the construction industry, coupled with his calm ability to communicate in sometimes heated, emotional situations gives him the skills needed to facilitate timely, cost effective out of court settlements.


The complexity of construction projects and their susceptibility to numerous risks result in frequent legal disputes in the construction industry. Conflict situations arise regarding various circumstances, the scope, quality and cost of work, subsequent, excess and unforeseen work and its shortfalls, completion time limits (delays), and losses due to contract non-execution or damage caused by project outsourcing by third parties. A delay in the resolution of these disputes can be particularly damaging because it slows down the completion process of the construction work, impacts the ability to perform under various related contracts, and may prevent the productive use of funds. As a result, NLTC has settled many disputes amicably, eliminating the time and expense a court trial can involve.


NL Tavaglione Consulting has skillfully preformed in various capacities to facilitate positive client outcomes in all of these situations:

Negotiation: the most common form of dispute resolution, where the parties themselves attempt to resolve the dispute.

Mediation: a private and structured form of negotiation assisted by a third party that is initially non-binding. If settlement is reached it can become a legally binding contract.

Conciliation: as mediation, but a conciliator can propose a solution.

Neutral evaluation: a private and non-binding technique whereby a third party, usually legally qualified, gives an opinion on the likely outcome at trial as a basis for settlement discussions.

Expert determination: a private process involving an independent expert with inquisitorial powers who gives a binding decision.

Adjudication: an expert is instructed to rule on a technical issue – primarily used in construction disputes as set out in the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 where awards are binding on the parties at least on an interim basis – i.e. until a further process is invoked.

Arbitration: a formal, private and binding process where the dispute is resolved by the decision of a nominated third party, the arbitrator or arbitrators.

Litigation: the formal process whereby claims are taken through the civil courts and conducted in public. The judgments are binding on parties subject to rights of appeal.


Fast, in house response capabilities

Nicholas L. Tavaglione has a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology and teaches University level technology courses, our ability to produce, in house, court ready, documents gives our clients a distinct negotiating advantage. Nick also holds a valid A General Engineering and B General Building Contractors License for the State of California.


Whatever your situation NL Tavaglione Consulting has the knowledge and resources to help assist in expiditing a positive and beneficial outcome.


Providing An Inland Empire Presence

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Comprehensive Services Provided


Knowledge in all aspects of building construction methods and materials 


Extensive experience with litigation support

Providing repair recommendations and contractors qualified to conduct those repairs


Immediate, in-house response, timely reports generated internally for fast, cost-effective reports


Provides clients with a “one stop”, all inclusive source for residential, commercial or industrial consulting needs


• Construction Industry Consulting Services

• Construction Defect Investigation & Analysis


• Forensic Consulting Services

• Building Code Research and Analysis


• Expert Witness Testimony

• Materials Failure Analysis & Investigation


• Construction Claims and Litigation Support

• Moisture Intrusion & Building Envelope Issues


• Negotiation/Mediation Facilitation

• Property Damage Assessment

“He shows up early and stays until the client needs him to stay…sometimes past his own

deadline, if need be”…. “We feel no qualms about giving Nick our highest recommendation.”


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